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September - and I'm a bit late getting this up!

So much going on right now, especially as we all adjust to our new way of working. Much more online interaction with workshop delivery and monitor to monitor (I used to call this face to face!) mentoring online, which has also brought with it a fair share of technical problems.

We have struggled with internet stability, speeds, connectivity, sound and more. When it all works technology is amazing - when it doesn't we want to throw it on the floor and stamp on it until it learns its lesson and behaves more kindly. Please, however much you feel inclined, do not throw your tech on the floor - it doesn't help!

There have been some great opportunities for small business in the past few months, with plenty of training and support available from a range of agencies. Take a look around at what's available and take advantage of it. You'll see some information in Links & Opportunities on my Word Solutions website here.

I visited Whyalla, South Australia, recently and was impressed by the growth in this regional city and the increased interest by small business owners to grow their enterprises and develop their skills. They are well supported in their journey by the Adelaide University's Innovation & Collaboration Centre and the City of Whyalla.

What else was I up to in August? I have seen an increase in client mentoring numbers, lead a couple of workshops and attended some myself - so important to keep skilled, particularly in the areas of technology and social media marketing which are rapidly moving environments.

And in most exciting news I have added a casual staff member and a contractor to my team so I can increase the capacity of Word Solutions to support clients without compromising service. Look out for our new 'Team' page where they will introduce themselves to you.

Nan's the answer to your Word Solutions - Plains Producer Advertorial, March 2020 on regional women in business.