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December deliciousness

Even if you don't celebrate the festive season you can't help but get caught up in the flurry of decorations, special food and end of year gatherings.

December is a month of speeding up and slowing down as we rush into finishing tasks we have set ourselves for the end of the year until the delicious winding down as we get to the holiday break - at least for most of us. For the hospitality industry it is busy all the way through to the New Year and I am in awe of the energy and hard work which goes into those industries which feed and water us with such passion.

November swept past in a blur of activity including a Digital Solutions workshop in Jamestown where a friendly pilot popped his head in the door of the venue at the aerodrome, apologising in advance for any noise he made as he took his light aircraft for a spin, remarking there was a snake under my car and that he'd check when he came back if it was still there, but meanwhile to be aware! Only in the country.

If you want to find out more about the Australian Governments Digital Solutions program take a look at the Adelaide Business Hub's website - MORE INFO HERE!

The silver economy's new golden girl!

Thanks to the NBN Co for featuring me in a recent blog - don't mind being the Silver Economy's new Golden Girl one bit ;)

Writing isn't everyone's cup of tea - but I love it! I'm also really good at speaking up and delivering workshops and explaining what you need to know to grow your business and specialise in supporting small to medium enterprises with training and any of your writing needs from media releases, to blogs, website content and more - check out my full list of services here!

Clear communication is how successful businesses grow - the written word showcases your professionalism and improves and maintains corporate relationships.

I am based in the lovely Clare Valley of South Australia and I have helped local government, government organisations and sole traders ranging from those in the agricultural sector to the arts.

Because my business can pretty much go anywhere, thanks to the wonders of technology, my clients aren't restricted to only meeting with me face to face.

Word Solutions understands that while businesses and local government entities are leaders in their fields they may not have the time or suitably qualified staff available to manage the wide range of communication needs necessary in today's busy climate.

For local government - improve your community visibility, connect with your residents through good news stories and information through regular media releases and social media.

For business - get seen more often through strategic media releases, newsletters, website content, brochure content, blogs and social media.

Word Solutions provides a range of products and training.

Take the hassle out of the written word in your business dealings. Save time by having media releases, website content and any other writing needs created for you. Creative content, media releases and more, all written in an engaging style, connecting you with your target audience.

And, that's not all ... see my list of services.