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June - winter is here

May continued to be an interesting month with plenty of challenges for us all, but overall I know there is a feeling of hope and renewal for many of us as restrictions begin to ease all over Australia and particularly in South Australia where I live.

My new normal has included plenty of online meetings, where I have discovered that it's more exhausting to attend or run a meeting online than their face to face counterparts. Despite only being able to see our heads and shoulders, so there is comfort in being able to wear my slippers, online meetings mean you have to be 'switched on' pretty much all the time. I am conscious of every time I duck my head to write a note, as it seems I'm not paying attention! and if I am hosting a webinar than I have discovered that two people at the hosting end - one to read the messages in the message box - would be ideal - sorry to everyone whose messages I ignored and didn't answer.....

I have realised how important great communication technology is, not just now but into the future. My internet hardware broke down in the last week of May and as I write is still not repaired. Unstable internet with slow speeds isn't the best online environment right now so I have been using innovative alternatives to manage my commitments.

There is a new specialised video camera attached to my desktop computer (Logitech Webcam C930c), which I can easily move and add to my tripod for a different view - it's made a huge difference to how I manage my work and I'm looking forward to using it in a variety of environments.

COVID-time has seen me join with so many others in a bit - quite a lot - of decluttering, which has improved my office and made more room for the dog, who is as essential to me as office supplies and coffee.

I have also had the privilege of becoming a mentor through the Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur and the Department for Innovation & Skills Fixe Mentoring Program to help support startups and small businesses impacted by COVID-19

If you are interested in mentorship through this program complete the registration form through the link below and the program will directly connect you with highly experienced business people where you can have a confidential conversation about your circumstances and receive unbiased insights and advice to help you navigate through these uncertain times.

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