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August - and I'm still typing with fingerless gloves!

Sunny days and frosty nights have been the hallmark of July which saw me in my office with a lap rug and fingerless gloves, despite the house itself being pretty cosy. I can remember when I worked one of my first jobs in the UK, it was so cold in the office we all had to soak our hands in warm water in the kitchen sink and let them thaw out several times a day just so we could grip a pen or type. Our boss was stingy with the heating and preferred us cold instead of comfortable. I didn't stay there long.

The pandemic situation hasn't been as dire in South Australia as it has been elsewhere in the nation and we have had a recovery period where, although not quite back to normal, business is mostly as usual. I have worked from home since the start of my business journey eight years ago, so am used to the relative isolation of a home office. I am constantly amused by articles which suggest the only way to manage working from home is to treat it as an actual 9-5 office job. This may work for roles which require staff to be available in 'normal' working hours, but for many of us working from home can be a flexible paradise.

I fit my household chores and personal business into my regular day. Working from home means I can delegate my own hours, so if I want to spend a morning or even a day out doing something I enjoy, I can come home and catch up with essential work in the evening. I can control my own work day around any meetings and deadlines, pop away from my desk to put on a load of washing or hang it out to dry, assemble dinner, take the dog outside for a run, bake bread and still get my core business tasks done and dusted. I don't find working from home as tiring as a regular office appearance which always meant any household tasks were left until the weekends or when I was tired after a full day out of the house.

Drawbacks of working from home include lack of interaction with colleagues, but this can be balanced by coffee or Zoom catch ups. Personally, I think working from home makes us more productive and more flexible and for employers, I'm glad they're now realising it is quite 'safe' to allow staff to work remotely as they are usually more committed and get more done.

Things which have happened in July include delivering a successful online Canva workshop - I just love Canva - such a versatile platform with a great free version and even more great features in Canva pro. I also signed up for Plastic Free July again this year, but it wasn't as difficult to commit to using or purchasing less plastic as I have already made a lot of changes since 2019's Plastic Free month! There are simple steps everyone can take to a plastic free future, and they can start with something as small and easy as remembering to take your own reusable shopping bags to the supermarket. I'm giving a shout out to the Women in Business Regional Network and their stellar organiser Carolyn Jeffrey - if you're a small women driven business in South Australia check them out. And on the volunteering side of my life I helped out for an afternoon shift at one of the first Bunnings sausage sizzles in SA since the pandemic - new rules, but we managed in spectacular fashion, selling four times as many sausages as we usually would in a day - I guess people missed their snags!

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