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October - looking forward to spring!

I think we're all looking forward to some warmer weather. Spring decided to come along for a day or two in the Clare Valley and then descended back into winter. Even though the sun is shining right now, my hands are still cold!

So, what as I up to in September - I started some 'virtual' physiotherapy, using VR goggles and working with a physio based interstate. The program is through XR Health and is amazing - I chase virtual dragons through the skies and pop balloons with virtual swords, all the while improving the range and relieving my shoulder and neck pain - technology never ceases to amaze me!

Things may never be back to the old normal, and my meetings continue to be held mostly online, with the occasional chance to see real people face to face, but not as often as before.

I have been doing a lot more businessw coaching and mentoring with the various programs I am involved in, as well as direct clients to my business and have added two people to my team - we'll be putting info about them on the website soon.

Thanks to SA Woman for inviting me to provide a guest blog, here's the link to read it.

I've also invested in some print and online advertising with my local paper in an aim to make myself more visible! Here's the link!

I have some workshops coming up in Whyalla in November and December with two exciting new offerings and I have been playing around with a new CRM system which is working a treat.

There are still some great opportunities for small business in the past few months, with plenty of training and support available from a range of agencies. Take a look around at what's available and take advantage of it. You'll see some information in Links & Opportunities on my Word Solutions website here.

Nan's the answer to your Word Solutions - Plains Producer Advertorial, March 2020 on regional women in business.