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Candidate slams Liberals for letting South Australians die

“We can’t die waiting for a Liberal Government to take control of our critical health care needs,” Independent Narungga candidate Dianah Walter said today.

“The Liberals are the guilty party in the deaths of South Australians who have died waiting for medical care, while the Labor party must also hold a mirror up.”

Ms Walter, who has been campaigning on a platform which includes getting the State’s health care back on track, said the recent deaths of South Australians, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, can be laid squarely on a disinterested and disinclined Liberal government to manage our health care crisis.


5 Independent women could become

the greatest disrupters of the 2022 State election

Five Independent women are standing up for their rural and regional communities in the 2022 South Australian election and are set to disrupt the delicate balance of power, if elected.

Unaffiliated with any party, the five women are standing as independent candidates in the seats of Finniss, Flinders, Frome, Hammond and Narungga and bring a wealth of experience and passion with them to the polling booths.