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Media releases should get to the point quickly, be relatively concise and spread your message - and for many people writing them is a struggle. But that's okay. We're not all good at everything, which is where businesses like Word Solutions come to the rescue.

Word Solutions specialises in media releases and helping our clients get the maximum exposure possible, whether it is via the quaintly old-fashioned but still popular print, in the form of newspapers and magazines, online through social media or blogs and through radio. I can be particularly effective for you if you need to spread the word in rural Australia, but am happy to use all the contacts at my disposal to network your information to a far wider audience.

Not sure what to ask for when approaching your local paper for advertising or a story? Let Word Solutions help.

Communicate your news and tell your story with a professional press release or full press kit.

Media releases can be uploaded onto your website, used in newsletter mail-outs and linked through your social media.

And when the feathers hit the fan, I'm there to help!

Call for a chat - 0400 742 692 or email.

Media Exposure

In 18 months Word Solutions achieved more than $70,000 value in media coverage for one regional local government client

" Thanks Nan- awesome words. You are brilliant. "

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