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Why I journal and why you should too!

I have journaled in different forms for about forever - starting with filling lined exercise books with my thoughts when I was a child. I had a lonely upbringing - my dad was in the army and we moved a lot. Every time I made friends we changed countries, houses or schools, so my journals became both a record of what was happening in my life and my thoughts about it.

Journaling was a lifesaver for me and gave me an outlet for my frustrations. My journals were places to share thoughts and ideas.

With a few breaks over the years I have kept up the habit and have spent the last decade trying out different styles, forms and ideas within my journaling practice - which I'm going to share with you.

Journaling can provide a creative outlet, a way of expressing yourself in private and easing anxiety. It has many proven health benefits and is worth giving a try.

A writing habit can be daily or weekly and can be as many words as you like. Instead of words you can draw or scrapbook. There are no rigid rules to journaling and it can be a lot of fun!