I had a mentoring session with Nan Berrett and at the end of it I felt very supported and inspired. Nan spoke in a way that I could understand, as sometimes I can get overwhelmed with marketing and social media. Nan is very knowledgeable and generous with what she shares and suggests. I feel I now have a plan of where to start and what changes I can make.

Jenny Tucker - Nurture & Nourish Holistic Therapies

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Encounterting the Dark Goddess by Frances Billinghurst
Call of the God an anthology by Frances Billinghurst
Dancing the Sacred Wheel by Frances Billinghurst

I recently asked her to cast her eye over my new manuscript before sending it off to the publisher and I’m so glad I did. Despite the tight deadline, she did a truly outstanding job and got the manuscript back in time. Highly recommend Nan for any proofreading etc work you need doing. I definitely will be using her again.

Author Frances Billinghurst - Temple of the Dark Moon & Isian Centre of Metaphysics



Content creator Colette Chorley

Nan Berrett is a superb coach and mentor! Highly knowledgeable, patient and friendly, she puts you at ease and guides you through all you need to know in easy steps. I will certainly be recommending her to my friends and associates.

- Collette Chorley - Creative Content Specialist


Flinders University New Venture Institute 2019 Venture Dorm Barossa and Mid North graduates including Nan Berrett, Word Solutions

In September and October I was involved in a Flinders University New Venture Institute initiative - Venture Dorm - where I was one of about 20 participants, all with new entrepreneurial ventures. We were in a pressure cooker eight week journey to pick apart our ideas and rebuild them in to viable businesses. I have an embryonic new business, Silverpreneurs, which will support, nurture and encourage older women to go into business and live their best 'third life'. Our lecturer on our journey was an amazing South Australian, Louise Nobes who humbled me with some words she shared as a shout out on Social Media in January:

I was so fortunate to meet this fabulous woman when I was facilitating my 3rd Venture Dorm program with Flinders NVI. I recognised her energy straight away and I could see that she had the right balance of nurture, kindness and no BS attitude which gave everyone around her an immediate comfort and preparedness to be vulnerable through the growth period that a Venture Dorm can make you experience. Aka. Lose your mind in a million pieces and then to rebuild ;)

What I love so much about Nan Berrett is her outlook on life! She calls this her 3rd life and boy does she make an impact! Not only a finalist for her business Silverpreneurs ... she also has a successful media consultancy business, Word Solutions, supporting a community of business owners who like me, not only love what she stands for, but that she is dam brilliant at her craft! I love Nan's humour and outlook on living your third life & empowering other people who are looking at starting a business instead of retirement!

Nan you may not have realised, but as I'm reframing my 2nd life ... you have given me strength, kept me humble and wanting to be you in my 3rd life!

Have a beautiful day and I look forward to when our paths will cross again...I will be in need to your services real soon x

#silverpreneur #thirdlife #respect

In October I participated in COTA's 2019 Zest Fest, giving a workshop (Zest for Success-Finding your Greatness) and being on a panel on Ageing Well: the Role of Work and Employment and got some wonderful feedback from ZestFest Festival Director Jayne Boase:

  • The Zestfulness Workshop session really got the audience thinking – you had them considering how they may live a ‘deliberate’ life in your dry humour and honesty- drawing quite a response.

  • You proved an excellent ‘case in point’ for the Ageing Well: The Role of Work and Employment on Tuesday – so different in ‘mood’ and ‘nature’ than the ZF Workshop – your presentation illustrated the discussion very well and provided the audience with a different lens through which to consider the issue.

Nan Berrett has mentored me in a variety of ways, more recently with business visibility and mentoring. She offers a wide range of services and support for the business person and which is practical, feasible and can support you as much or as little as needed.

Art Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Artist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Meditation Teacher - Tracy Vandepeer


Nan Berrett has an incredible knack for being able to see the big picture and tie everything together. When I’m in the deadline panic zone Nan has an uncanny calming effect, and never fails to bring me back to focus and we get the job done beautifully as a team. I am not exaggerating when I say Nan’s input has been like a magic bullet for my projects.

Singer/Songwriter - Jodi Martin - https://jodimartin.com/

Clever lady with plenty to offer. Very generous with her time. Recommend without hesitation.

Pat Williams - Auburn, SA.

Nan is amazing. She helped me shape the ideas for a business when I had no idea what to do. I'd recommend her for anyone who needs a business mentor and coach. She's also great at everything else she does!!!

- Ro Whittaker - entrepreneur & business woman.

Fantastic session with Nan Berrett -Word Solutions last night. Came away with some great ideas and learnt so much. If you have a group that wants to know more about the in's and out's of Social Media then give Nan a call. Looking forward to more info sessions.

- Nigelle-ann Blaser, business owner,

Miss Gracie Taylor's Preloved Books, Clare, SA.

I can highly recommend Nan Berrett's Word Solutions Business. If you are looking for professional assistance regarding editing, marketing and social media look no further. Her industry skills are extensive and her knowledge is vast. Thank you Nan.

- Amy Parker, SA

Thanks Nan- awesome words. You are brilliant.

- Michele Lally - Australian Micro Abattoirs

- https://australianmicroabattoirs.com/

I sent my manuscript to "Word Solutions" and was extremely pleased with the service provided. My work came back promptly, with corrections visible in red and some great suggestions to improve the content of the booklet. I recommend this business to anyone wanting a professional eye on their work. The whole procedure was effortless, pleasant and affordable. Thank you, Word Solutions.

- Author Maureen Larter

I have to say, it is without doubt one of the best, most well presented, timely, structured, appealing FB pages I've ever seen. It's a great effort ... the relevance of the content is outstanding. It's a benchmark to aspire to. Congratulations to whom ever is behind the scenes.

- David J Stevenson, CEO of Legatus Group & now CEO of the Regional Council of Goyder, commenting to the then CEO of the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council, Roy Blight about that Council's Facebook page.

Thank you for giving the Society your time to address our AGM as a guest speaker and treating us to an insight into social media, with particular reference to the vices and virtues of Facebook.

The Society members appreciated your concise and informative talk as a professional dealing with the above issues on a daily basis. Thank you once again.

- Malcolm Paterson, Secretary, Mount Horrocks Historical Society